Stimulate possibility

You can have it all

Scaled-back budgets don't mean you have to think small this annual report season. At Getty Images, our annual report stimulus package will get your creativity flowing without draining precious financial resources. Save 20% off all purchases for annual report usage before April 30, 2009 and get entered for a chance to win a Flip Mino camcorder.

What's your story?

Every annual report has a tale to tell about profitability, innovation, growth, creativity. What's yours? To help spark your imagination, we've assembled the most popular annual report imagery search themes.

Find your theme below and discover imagery, footage and music hand- picked to maximize your message.

Stability / Strength / Support / Confidence

Safety / Security / Protection

Growth / Success / Achievement / Abundance

Innovation / Creativity / Ideas / Discovery / Imagination

Forward Looking / Hope / The Way Forward

Adapt / Flexibility / Agility / Change

Focus / Determination

Technology / Communication

Connection / Togetherness / Bonding / Collaboration / Teamwork

Global Responsibility / Corporate Responsibility

Greening / Environment / Energy / Conserve / Sustainability

Reform / Improve / Develop / Renew / Revitalize