DoubleTake Design helps businesses and organizations get noticed and get results by providing strategic, creative, integrated marketing solutions.
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Our Portfolio

We can talk about our capabilities, our experience, our creativity. But there’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh. So the DoubleTake Design portfolio gives you a generous sampling of our work, sorted by both type of work and client.

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The Double Take

An image that makes you sit up and take notice. A message that is so striking, you are compelled to look again.

At DoubleTake Design, we specialize in creating these defining moments. To achieve this, we pinpoint your precise goals. We strategize on how best to capture the attention of your target audience. Then we deliver your message in the most memorable and effective way possible.

We are known for creating new corporate identities, providing fresh, exciting new ideas and solving problems in innovative ways. Our strength lies in mixing creativity with communication and resources with results.

Which means for any project you have, large or small, we’ll exceed your expectations.

After all, we want you to do a double take, too.

Our Capabilities

Everything You Need to Succeed

At DoubleTake Design, you’ll discover a comprehensive menu of visual communications capabilities. Not only are our in-house resources vast, we maintain a large number of strategic alliances with specialty consultants. Those alliances not only allow us to field the best, most talented team for your project, they make us a full-service partner you can count on for the most complex and demanding marketing challenges.

Our capabilities, and those of our strategic partners, include, but are not limited to:

Brand Development
Email Campaigns
Direct Mail Design
Environmental Graphic Design
Event Collateral Design
Flash Animation
Identity Development
Interactive Design
Mailing & Fulfillment
Marketing Collateral Design
Naming & Ideation
Print & Web Advertising
PowerPoint Presentations
Printing & Production
Product Concept Development
Tradeshow Environment Design
Website Development

Our Philosophy

Ideas That Make an Impact

At DoubleTake Design, we’re guided by three fundamental ideas:

1. Our clients’ successes define our success.

2. Strong, consistent visual communication is essential for a client to gain and keep a competitive advantage.

3. All communications strategies must be tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, using every resource we have available to develop unique, intelligent solutions that make an impact.

For us, making that impact all starts with listening. From day one, we sign on as diligent students of your business — how you work, where your strengths lie, what your opportunities look like, how your market is changing.

Once we have those answers (and plenty more besides), we ask ourselves a few questions. Like, what’s the main promise your brand makes? And, what’s the most effective way to deliver that promise? You see, at DoubleTake Design, we pride ourselves on working smart, not just working hard. And we never lose sight of the fact that the best solutions are the ones that are best for you.


We aren’t just visual communications specialists.
We like all kinds of communication.

So whether you have a question, a comment or just want to say hi, here’s how to get in touch with us.

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